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Why we are closing free translations (for now)

We've begun work on an all new Tetun Translator that will be better in every way. Early tests have seen a huge leap in translation quality.

In order to to complete this massive undertaking we require some funding to allow us to build the best Tetun Translator possible. So for now we are closing the Tetun Translator to paid membership only. When the new Translator is complete we will aim to open it back up to the public for free use.

Closing a door to open another

The response to the Tetun Translator has been overwhelmingly positive. We see it as a hugely valuable resource to every aspect of present day and international communication and transactions within and with Timor– private and public. It has been a beneficial tool for workers, entrepreneurs, operators, students and tourists that need to communicate with others on a daily basis, exchanging information that is both big and small.

The free service has been visited over 600,000 times by over 200,000 people. Everyday millions of words are translated by people in Timor-Leste and around the world. So far, it is a grass-roots resource that is accessible to everyone for free and is also being used by organisations, companies and agencies in Timor-Leste. It covers diverse sectors, both public and private and promotes education, enlightenment and a deeper engagement with Timorese communities throughout the country. The Translator has been supported by smaller private donations, Microsoft (in kind) and has been mainly resourced by ourselves and our families.

Developing a brand new state of the art Tetun Translator

The current translation system has a number of limitations especially for human to human interaction. In order to fix these issues, significant time and resources are required to transform this tool into something comparable to the likes of Google Translate. This will allow people to translate documents, phrases and conversations and any other material with confidence that the output will be as accurate as possible.

Secondly, we would like to develop the service to provide indispensable language tools for serious operators, government entities and NGOs. This includes automatic spell checking and the functionality to convert Tetun text from informal to formal style (using the INL guidelines) and vice versa. The aim is to help generate more effective communication to the outside world, whether these be marketing efforts, report writing or government communication.

Open to Partnerships

If you belong to or know of an organisation that could help us reach our funding goals quicker please do get in touch. We'd be happy to send you a propoal and discuss potential partnership and branding options.

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Special note for residents of Timor-Leste - If you don't have the resources or don't have access to a credit card please email us at [email protected] and we'll set you up a free account.
Se ita lae iha asesu ba credit card, ita bele email [email protected] ba acount gratis.


With Tetun Translator Pro we've added some additional features and increased the 500 character limit per translation.
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