Tetun Translator: Bridging Language Barriers Instantly


Unlock instant translations with Tetun Translator. Seamlessly transition between Tetun, English, Portuguese, and Indonesian, whether in text or voice.

Key Features:

Photo to Text: Capture text from photos, like street signs or menus. Say goodbye to manual typing.
Voice to Text: Speak, and receive translations in real-time. Ideal for conversations and on-the-go inquiries.
User-Centric Design: A streamlined interface ensures quick and effortless translations.
Trustworthy Translations: Benefit from our advanced neural machine translation for precise results.

About Us:
Born out of a desire to enhance communication and bridge linguistic gaps in Timor-Leste, our team is driven by purpose. Discover more about our journey and mission below.

Our Mission:
Established in 2015, Tetun Translator’s primary goal is to bolster communication by offering free, online machine translation tools tailored for the Timor-Leste community and its global connections.

With millions of visits from around the world, our dedication stands clear: elevate the Tetun language, turning it from a challenge into a cherished asset.

While tech giants like Google and Microsoft might overlook Tetun due to its niche user base, we’re investing in cutting-edge translation advancements for the language. By integrating state-of-the-art machine translation, and meticulous data refining and training, we ensure accurate and approachable translations.

Our vision is straightforward: a world where language differences aren’t barriers but bridges. Whether you’re a business professional, a traveler, or a student, Tetun Translator strives to connect you seamlessly.

We’re honored to present this tool to the people of Timor-Leste. Dive into our platform, and should you have any feedback, we’re all ears!

Tetun Translator